Vocational Training Centre in Katowice

The choice of Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A., preceded by a thorough analysis of the market and the conditions described above turned out to be accurate. Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A. performs its duties properly, honestly, diligently and timely, not only the work but also professional advice by Mr. Tomasz Mizgała. With full responsibility, we recommend Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A. to all companies, institutions and individuals looking for a reliable contractor of alarm and monitoring systems.


Totalizator Sportowy Sp z o.o. o. Krakow

We evaluate the quality of the services rendered as good.


Slaski Rynek Hurtowy OBROKI Sp. z o.o.

Professionalism, integrity and knowledge of the company staff and the organization of work ensure that the service is implemented in a timely manner and with due care. So far, cooperation and professionalism of the service gives us the basis for granting them a recommendation as a professional and responsible business partner.


Mistal Sp. z o.o.

Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A. perform the service in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. The works are made properly. The company shows flexibility and involvement in activities to meet the expectations of the Company.


Municipal cleansing service in Myslowice

Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A., rendered security service of our offices, technical rooms, production halls and parking lots. These services were made properly, on time and with great care. The works were carried out by qualified staff and the use of professional equipment and measures, and we can recommend this company as a reliable service provider.


Adamietz Sp. z o.o.

Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A., rendered for us the service of cleaning and maintenance of steel structures in the newly built production halls in Opole. The company rendered its services timely and with due care, reliability and professionalism. During this period, it was a flexible company, quickly responding to the arising needs. We recommend Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A. as a trustworthy and reliable partner for cooperation.


Klara Medical Centre

Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A., provide cleaning services in buildings for JST Sp. o.o. (for instance, cleaning operating theatres, wards, consulting rooms, treatment rooms, offices, toilets and corridors) and adjacent outdoor areas. Our cooperation is positive. The works are fully professional and within the time limits in accordance with the contract.


Polish Post

Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A., based in Sosnowiec and Agro – Service Piotr Kulak based in Katowice carry out comprehensive cleaning in post offices in the province of Silesia and Opole – they are responsible for cleanliness inside the postal facilities and outdoor areas including green areas and roof snow removal.



Specialist Services Department of Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A., in the Coking Plant “Przyjaźń” in Dąbrowa Górnicza made specialized work at a height such as: – thoroughly cleaning the construction and installation of boiler including painting parts of the structure – cleaning and painting the room of cooling water pumps- painting guardrails in boiler and engine buildings. The aforementioned services were performed professionally, fairly and with great care.


„Interbud-West” Sp. z o.o.

The service was rendered properly, on time, in a diligent and professional way, and with great care. The works are made with the participation of qualified staff and the use of professional equipment and resources. Therefore, we recommend Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A. as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the field of services they provide.


PGE Dystrybucja S.A. o. Skarzysko-Kamienna

Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A., performed its duties with a very high care and professionalism. They were open to suggestions, flexible and adjusted to the needs of our company. The Staff of Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A. carried out their duties with great commitment, quickly responding to our suggestions and comments in line with our expectations. Accordingly, the company Zakłady Usługowe „EZT” S.A. is evaluated as a solid and reliable partner for cooperation in the provision of cleaning services.


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