Pyrotechnic security

Pyrotechnic identification and security pyrotechnic of buildings, facilities, equipment, meetings, conferences, concerts and all kinds of vehicles and comprehensive pyrotechnic security of objects or VIP.

The service is carried out by task forces made up of experienced Police pyrotechnics or properly trained security personnel.

The activities related to the pyrotechnic identification and protection are aimed at ensuring the safety of persons and property in the range of bomb threats during the event, without a need to interrupt the event and carry on a preventive evacuation of people. This will allow the organizer to minimize a risk of an “intentional” break in the event.


  • Pyrotechnic reconnaissance of the facility, which means transfer of the checked facility under the supervision of the security personnel hired to ensure physical security of the event (a concert, a conference, a trade fair, etc.), preparing a pyrotechnic reconnaissance report.
  • Instructions for the administrative staff, cleaning service, security staff carrying out physical protection service, referring to bomb threats and handling in case of terrorist attack.
  • Ongoing supervision over the implementation of physical protection services carried out by hired target staff: the security staff (control of people entering, checking carried items, luggage, etc.) as well as video surveillance (provided that it is installed in the facility).
  • Monitoring of the current situation regarding the occurrence of possible threats from unknown objects that may pose a potential threat.
  • Pyrotechnic double-checking key points of the facility if there is any information about a bomb threat (a phone call, a parcel, an e-mail to the organizer or information communicated by the police about any potential hazard). Then, transferring a copy of the report on the conducted pyrotechnic reconnaissance to the police, as well as representing the organizer with the police – with the coordinator of the Division for Combating Terror Acts of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the National Police Headquarters – in order to inform about the lack of a need for evacuation of the facility, or in the event of finding it, despite the applied preventive measures in the premises covered by the pyrotechnic diagnosis , it is necessary to carry out       evacuation procedures, even before the arrival of police units,
  • Supporting the organizer for the purpose of a safe and efficient evacuation (only if the circumstances relied upon, clearly and unambiguously force the evacuation and interruption of the event).
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