Technical security systems

Standard elements of physical protection are supported with advanced technical systems. We design, install, and maintain alarm systems for a broad spectrum of activity and registration of risks associated with burglary, assault or fire.

protection systems

Fire protection systems detect and localize fire hazards i.e. a rapid increase in temperature and smoke in the protected areas. Once a threat is detected, the control panel provides information as to the location of the fire, and then the information is passed to the monitoring centre. In case of emergency, the centre will notify the Fire Brigade.

We install systems, a classic one with a connection to the control panel (integrated burglary and fire alarm functions) or an addressable one with a dedicated control centre.

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Access control systems
and registration

An access control is one of the most frequently implemented security systems. Access control systems have new, unknown in mechanical systems, possibilities to control time of work and a precise definition of who and when enters or leaves the protected area.

The systems can consist of – the simplest version – control devices with one pass – a more advanced version – systems that support tens or hundreds of passes in industrial plants. They can also be integrated with an intruder alarm and CCTV thereby creating a reliable way of securing facilities.

In each case, we determine the scope and zone of operation of the system, we introduce a classification of access zones for each user according to your guidelines.

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Burglary and surveillance
alarm systems

Each facility is visually inspected and classified according to the level of threats, on this basis, we determine an appropriate class of an alarm system. The next step is to design the system and deliver a ready project for your approval. Then it is handed over for execution.

Alarm systems can be produced in a wired technology – in developed buildings, cables are run in the furrows or cable trays – or in a wireless technology – there is no need for destroying the walls, an easy relocation of detectors if a change in the layout of furniture is needed, shorter installation time.

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CCTV systems

A choice of technical solutions and functions determines the effectiveness of a CCTV system. CCTV must be primarily effective, reliable and efficient. Only then it means a proper care for the safety of the premises, facilities and people. With your representative we set the range of the premises to be protected or observed.

The next step is to design the system and after its approval, we carry out the project. CCTV systems can be made both in a wired or wireless technology.

CCTV systems installed by us are often an integral part of an overall security system for protection of persons and property, therefore we suggest such solutions that are flexible and quick to use, so that a supervisor, even after a basic training, could easily handle it.

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