Powder painting

To meet the demands of the contemporary market and follow the search for innovative methods of development of the company, in 2013 project of powder coating was implemented in the manufacturing plan Neapco Europe Sp. o.o. in Praszka.

Currently, we have our own production hall in which two lines of powder coating were launched – one with modern surface preparation prior to painting, using Oxilan technology. This technology allows for a very high corrosion resistance, which meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. It is worth mentioning that the process is almost 100% automated and completely safe for the environment.

We specialize in painting components (elements of driveshafts) for such reputable car brands as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, GM and Opel. Our highly skilled team is constantly looking for new solutions and optimisation of the process, because we are convinced that we can always improve, and hence be unrivalled.