Physical security of persons
and property

By virtue of the concession for the direct protection of the physical and technical security of the No. L-0072/00 issued by the Ministry of Interior, since 2000 we have been providing services to secure people and property. We ensure the security of all kinds of facilities, including office complexes, malls, construction sites, private dwellings and commercial vehicles.

We also provide services in a range of Specialized Armed Security Formation. We have a certificate accredited by the Internal Security Agency: Industrial Security Certificate to the clause “CONFIDENTIAL”, giving assurance of information protection in the framework of business processes. We also run an office of classified documents.

Physical security
of facilities

As part of the physical security of facilities, we take preventive measures in order to:

  • protection of entrusted property,
  • prevention of theft, damage and destroying the property,
  • determining entitlements to reside in protected premises / sites
  • catching persons unauthorized to access these facilities / premises and posing a direct threat to human life or health, as well as the protected property,
  • traffic and material control,
  • monitoring of technical security systems, including CCTV, KD, IDS, fire systems.

Security procedures are always tailored to a specific facility and potential risks. The model of protection is to adjust the scope of physical security of the facility to the needs and requirements in order to obtain effective protection in relation to the costs.

In addition to continuous monitoring of the process of the effectiveness of the protection, we provide:

  • supervision over the way the services are rendered through a careful selection of security personnel, systematic improvement of their professional qualifications, professional equipment and uniforms and the system of internal controls,
  • full support in crisis situations, such as fire, waterlogging, industrial fault or a breakdown, an accident or any other local threats (we also take measures to prevent these from happening, as well as limiting their consequences once they occur).

We organize posts in following variants:

  • reception – permanent or temporary,
  • security – permanent, temporary or emergency.
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personal security

Within the direct personal security, we guarantee:

  • permanent personal security,
  • emergency personal security.

We also offer limited personal security, e.g. transport of children to school, assistance to work, during shopping, business trips or meetings, and private ones.

Our security personnel are carefully selected in terms of experience as well as mental and physical abilities, enabling them to operate in situations with high levels of stress and tension. They undergo medical fitness tests and improve their skills in personal security technologies and shooting. Depending on customer‘s needs and requirements, they are equipped with combat firearms and / or coercive measures. We care about security during business meetings, concerts, tours, festivals, public speaking, presentations or conferences.

We guarantee the highest level of security, flexibility, discretion and loyalty to the persons protected. We are available 24 hours / day

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Protective supervision
of systems and installations

We offer all day protective supervision of the following systems:

  • CCTV,
  • alarm
  • fire,
  • access control.

Protective supervision of systems and installation is carried out by an operator at the Emergency Information Centre equipped with specialized systems, software, means of communication and control of protected facilities and means of supervision and control of employees of physical security. Operators of Emergency Information Centre carry out activities in a form of a twenty-four hour on-call support and supervision of employees performing tasks in protected facilities. This is another important element of supervision over the quality of executed orders.

We provide support and an arrival of an intervention group in order to verify or prevent any disclosed threats.

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of mass events

Rendering services of the protection of mass events, we provide fully qualified security staff, members of information and order units.

We offer comprehensive services including (depending on requirements):

  • protection of mass events,
  • developing an event safety plan,
  • assistance in obtaining a permit for the organization of the event,
  • logistics and technical support: fences, toilets, etc.,
  • cleaning service during and after the event.

We also offer protection and transport of cash in accordance with the applicable regulations. The protection is performed by skilled, adequately equipped and uniformed staff.

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