Detective Services

A fundamental principle of our business is the ethics of conducted detective operations and loyalty to the people who entrusted us their business.

Our actions are based on many years of professional experience gained during the implementation of a number of cases, as well as experienced specialists, including retired officers of the Ministry of the Interior . We help our customers solve their professional, personal and family problems and provide full support for the business. Each of the cases conducted by us is treated on an individual basis, and a team of specialists: detectives and lawyers deal with preparing a strategy. In all seriousness we take the personal data protection, as well as any other confidential or sensitive information.

We work only with licensed detectives, for whom detective work is both a challenge and passion, and who carry out tasks with full commitment and professionalism. Operations are run in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, so that collected materials will meet all the criteria for use in legal proceedings.

Detective Services
in the field

  • Divorce affairs,
  • Observation of people and property,
  • Search and seizure for persons and property,
  • Address determination,
  • Property determination,
  • Probate Affairs (hiding property)
  • Criminal Affairs,
  • Environmental Intelligence,
  • Detection of wiretaps,
  • Unfair competition,
  • Business Intelligence ,
  • Verification of the credibility of employees,
  • Verification of the integrity of contractors and their business credibility.
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